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Retail marketing is an entirely unique process. On the one hand, it can be aggressive, noisy, brash, relentless and unforgiving. On the other, it can be luxurious and tempting, desirable, artistic and ultra-creative. Online shopping has driven huge competition as more and more shoppers are opting for the simpler route to purchase and at a glance, are able to obtain comparative quotes and gain cheaper deals from across the globe. An extensive, efficient, aesthetic and functional CMS website with top SEO capabilities is first on a retailer’s marketing plan.

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Our view

The parallel that can be drawn between the aggressively driven low end and luxurious high end retail marketing lies within the media budget allocation. To remain ahead of the competition retail has to invest in mass media advertising – both online and offline.

In many cases retail will ‘throw money’ at marketing in a recession and rarely dare to ‘stop’. The results speak for themselves. Many retailers have become huge household names and despite this (or because of it!) they continue to advertise.

Flagship case study

Paul Simon Curtain Superstores

Paul Simon Curtains became a leading UK supplier of curtains, blinds and associated accessories and eventually expanded into furniture.

When they approached us with the objective of increased awareness with measurable results, they had five stores including their flagship London store and we made a collective decision to launch them on radio. The campaign was well received, footfall to the stores increased and for the first three years we concentrated on radio advertising alone. The long-term campaign consisted of advertising on a daily basis with a 5.0 OTH and a cumulative reach of millions. Paul Simon Curtains became the first retail company to become specifically renowned for their creative radio. We wrote, cast and produced new campaigns every quarter and the uplifting, unique sounds hooked homeowners across the Southeast. The combination of Paul Simon Curtain’s business acumen, and the creative radio campaigns and frequency, enabled Paul Simon Curtains to grow from five to 49 stores within three years.

At this point we reviewed their brand and developed the logo that was later rolled-out across all Paul Simon Curtain stores. Considered a ‘risk’ at the time, we took the brand away from the typical brash and slightly dated look synonymous with the curtain market, to a softer more feminine image but with massive impact.

We also worked on regional press campaigns, creating advertisements in line with radio themes and booking press on a huge scale with constant updates and changes to publications used and copy content, to reflect market trends and consumer demand.

A regular project for us was copywriting, design and printing corporate brochures. Quality and colorful representations of product displayed through a mix of large room-set imagery and individual product thumbnail shots. Our photography, which we directed at a combination of leading studios enabled us to display Paul Simon Curtains to their best effect.


I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Perception on many occasions over the years. I’m always struck by their professionalism and overall creative approach which consistently illustrates a keen understanding of client strategy and objectives. Their ability to draw on varied experience to produce multi-layered and integrated marketing solutions is impressive. They demonstrate keen attention to detail and focus on delivering true value to clients.


T. Pelham - Account Director

 Hollywood Nail Design brand logo and website design by Perception Advertising

Working for retail

We have worked in a number of retail sectors including home and garden, household accessories, shopping centres and furnishings. Our objectives have been to select appropriate media to target mass audiences, but to also retain quality creative throughout in order to stand out from the crowd and retain credibility.

We were approached by Dansk to support their stores with product and corporate brochures and point-of-sale materials. This later increased to radio campaigns in support of sales and specific promotions. We began by re-branding the company, positioning them more appropriately and providing them with a more contemporary feel.

 Retail sales literature for Dansk Furniture stores
 Royals Shopping Centre brand logo design by Perception Advertising

The Royals Shopping Centre approached us with one simple objective. To improve their image! After a series of consultations we created and implemented a new brand across all literature, promotional activity and external and internal signage. We devised, delivered and managed annual marketing campaigns based around Centre events and promotional activities. The Shopping Centre continues to go from strength to strength. Freedom Leisure a long-standing hot tubs, swimming pool, orangery and conservatory company, approached us to specifically target both their local area and additional hot-spot A/B counties to promote their life-style products.  We refreshed their company name, brand and over-all image to better connect with today’s consumer. Our series of direct mail and press campaigns heightened awareness and increased enquiries to the company.

Smaller-scale clients including Janshop, Brentwood Leisure Trust, Fredericks Flowers, Greenscapes and Barehams Kennels required varying degrees of marketing and design assistance, on limited budgets. We branded all companies and designed a fully functional website for Barehams Kennels, significantly improving customer interaction and increasing purchases and bookings.  National supplier Constable Coins for whom we have delivered broadsheet press advertising in support of the boyant gold market has significantly benefitted from carefully planned and niche targeted media choice.

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